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HIFUTURE EVENT Deep Bass Speaker - RGB Waterproof 80W Two Way Speaker System

HIFUTURE EVENT Deep Bass Speaker - RGB Waterproof 80W Two Way Speaker System

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HIFUTURE EVENT Deep Bass Speaker - RGB Waterproof 80W Two Way Speaker System

Vibrant Visual Ambiance
Set the mood and ignite the party with a mesmerizing display of Rainbow RGB light, transforming any space into a vibrant audio wonderland.

Powerful Audio Companion
Let loose to the power of music with crystal-clear precision and the soulful harmony of our Portable Speaker. Take the party with you wherever you go with this powerful portable design equipped with a 30W tweeter and a 50W woofer.

Deep Bass Delight
Feel the rhythm deep within your bones as our bass boost function takes your music experience to new lows, delivering rich, pulsating beats that resonate.

Expand Your Sound
Double the audio pleasure by pairing our speaker to a wireless stereo sound system, creating an immersive symphony that fills the room.

Bass Reflex Vent

  • Smooth airflow, optimized design by acoustic software simulation, delivers minimal sound.
  • Best matching of bass port with cabinet and drivers’ acoustic characteristics.
  • Enhanced sound with the phase-inverting hole-your speaker's secret weapon.
  • With an average 8mm PS plastic housing, it minimizes acoustic resonance.
  • Amplifies soft and punchy bass effect by suppressing speaker vibrations
  • Improves low-frequency sound pressure for immersive bass experience.

Unmatched Sound Control
Experience audio excellence with dual DSP and multi audio inputs, where every note and beat comes alive in perfect harmony.

2-Way Speaker System (50W Woofer + 30W Tweeter Portable Speaker)
80W Output
Dual DSP & Multi Audio Inputs
Two-Way Sound System
IPX5 Waterproof
Enable Karaoke
Dancing RGB light
Up to 8 Hours Playtime
Bluetooth 5.3
Pair to Play (TWS Mode)
Bass Boost Function
Pair To Wireless Stero System
Power Bank in Outdoor

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