Toyota Camry Avalon 1 Button Remote Case/Shell

Toyota Camry Avalon 1 Button Remote Case/Shell

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What you receive?
1 x Set of buttons
1 x Remote case
What is not included?
1 x Remote Electronics (internals) - This listing is intended for when your key has external damage but the internal remote chip still works. Transfer your remote chip to our product and you have a brand new working remote.
Is this compatible with my car/key?
Yes, if your car is one of the following below:
  • Camry Camry/Avalon/Conquest 2000 - 2006
  • If your remote looks identical then this product will be compatible
  • Things to check: Check to see if your button is a similar shape and check to see if your remote has the same amount of buttons

1. Open your existing remote
2. Remove internal module/chip and electronics and transfer to new shell
3. Test to check everything is working fine