Displayport Male to HDMI Female Adapter Converter Cable

Displayport Male to HDMI Female Adapter Converter Cable

Displayport  Male to HDMI Female Adapter Converter Cable

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  • This Video Changer Adapter supports DisplayPort signals are converted to HDMI signal
    This HDMI Adapter supports DisplayPort 1.1
    The Adapter supports HDMI 1.3 b, Support greater than QXGA(2048*1536)resolution at 24-bit color depths, also Support 8-bit& 10-bit Deep Color
    Supports a minimum of 1080P resolution at 24bpp, 50/60Hz at 15 meters
    Support existing VESA and Consumer Electronics Association(CEA)standards
    Enable high quality optional Digital audio tansmissions, DTS Digital, Dobly Digital HD Audio, etc.,
    Note: Some device/PC/Laptop doesn't not support Audio output via DP Port, so please refer to your manual book to make sure before bidding.
    The HDMI Adapter has built-in converter chip, no external power supply
    Strict accordance with the DisplayPort standard design, the port with locking design, stable and reliable signal transmission
    Support DisplayPort connector 20pin
    Support Video Bandwith up to 10.8Gbps
    Support the 1Mbps bidirectional auxiliary channel
    Support one lane, one direction, four-line connection
    Length: 25cm